Getvisibility Shortlisted for AI Awards

Getvisibility have entered the AI Awards in Ireland in the category of Best Use of AI in a Startup. We were shortlisted but did not win the award.

The reason we set out on this ambituous platform project is that the corporate appetite for data collection means that data is being collected faster than companies can handle in more locations than companies can control. This includes a number of cloud-based storage options being used more heavily than ever before. This fragmented storage of unstructured textual data makes effective control, tracking and access impossible to manage.

Traditional approaches of manual auditing and classification combined with manual reviews of access rights in large corporate environments is no longer effective to combat insider data theft or plain old accidents and mistakes. Most efforts to date have been to address corporate security of structured data inside enterprise platforms and are the responsibility of large software vendors who provide these enterprise platforms.

However, the millions of text-based documents accumulating across corporate networks is largely a neglected source of potential data loss and compliance failure. This is the responsibility of the companies themselves. Data discovery and classification is a critical requirement aimed at both protecting the data and also allowing follow-through on requests to correct and erase personal data.

Getvisibility have developed and sold an AI-driven software platform to discover and classify data and model and monitor access to this data. We are the first platform that uses Artificial intelligence with neural networks for word embedding, named entity recognition and context detection in text and also Blockchain to discover, classify, track and log all data in real time.

During the judging process for the AI Awards we described the multiple technical challenges involved in training numerous neural networks without asking for any customer data, in advancing the state of named entity recognition and of engineering an efficient platform for scanning and then keeping track of massive data respositories.