8 June 2023

Mark Brosnan

Getvisibility Unveils Data Security Insights Module, Empowering Organisations with Unprecedented Visibility and Control:


Getvisibility, a leading provider of data security solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its highly anticipated Data Security Insights module. This new capability set introduces powerful tools that revolutionise data security analytics and integration, enabling organisations to achieve unparalleled visibility and control over their data assets.


The Data Security Insights module comprises two core components: the Getvisibility Query Language (GQL) and the Webhooks integration and streaming capabilities. Together, these advancements provide organisations with customisable real-time reporting capabilities via webhooks to existing business intelligence (BI) tools, SIEM, and SOAR platforms.


GQL, the customizable query language developed by Getvisibility, empowers organisations to build highly granular and tailored reports to match their unique data security requirements. With GQL, businesses can effortlessly generate powerful insights on top of the AI-driven view of discovered, catalogued, and classified data, along with its usage and access rights. This level of customization ensures that organisations can extract the most relevant and actionable insights from their data, improving decision-making and enhancing overall security posture.


“businesses gain a comprehensive view of their data security landscape in real time”


The Webhooks integration and streaming capabilities offered by Getvisibility enable organisations to stream data and seamlessly integrate it into their existing BI tools, SIEM, and SOAR platforms. By overlaying the new insights provided by the Data Security Insights module onto existing information, businesses gain a comprehensive view of their data security landscape in real time. This integration empowers organisations to enhance their data security oversight, identify potential risks, and trigger automated alerts and remediations within their existing tools, resulting in a fortified defence against emerging threats.


“We are thrilled to introduce the Data Security Insights module to our valued customers,” said Mark Brosnan, CEO of Getvisibility. “With the introduction of GQL and Webhooks capabilities, we are providing organisations with the tools they need to gain deep visibility into their data assets and take proactive steps to protect against potential data breaches. This powerful combination allows our customers to tailor their data security strategy, analyse their data with precision, and make informed decisions based on real-time insights.”


The Data Security Insights module by Getvisibility represents a significant step forward in data security analytics and integration, empowering organisations to enhance their risk posture and protect their most valuable assets.


To learn more about the Data Security Insights module and its capabilities, visit https://www.getvisibility.com/focus/


About Getvisibility:

Getvisibility is a leading provider of data security solutions that help organisations protect their sensitive data and mitigate data-related risks. With a unique blend of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics, Getvisibility empowers businesses to discover, classify, and protect their data assets across diverse environments. Getvisibility’s innovative solutions enable organisations to meet compliance requirements, minimise data breaches, and safeguard their reputation.


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