The first step in data security & governance is knowing what you have, where it is & who has access.

Our Business is to know data, we make it your business to Own Your Data

Discover & classify all data, everywhere

Using AI and machine learning, Getvisibility  provides the fastest and most accurate data discovery and classification platform. Our AI Models are trained on Industry specific knowledge allowing you to quickly and accurately classify all of your data.

Getvisibilities OCR capabilities enable organisations to see within pictures and images.

Reduce your

Through our advanced AI models, Getvisibility allows organisations to quickly identify their most sensitive data. 

We enable the identification of protect surfaces (PII, PHI, etc.) and also identify redundant and obsolete data that increases your threat exposure. 
Our advanced granular labelling supercharges DLP solutions by showing exactly what data needs protecting.

Accelerate your Time to Compliance

Getvisibility’s AI models accelerate your time to compliance.

By quickly discovering and classifying your data, we can also enable rollout of regulation through our platform giving you peace of mind that you are compliant.

It just makes sense

Our Technology is unrivalled when it comes to total data visibility, delivered at speed and at scale

Unstructured data creation is exploding. It is estimated that between 80-90% of all data created within organisations is unstructured and this poses multiple risks to organisations. Risk of non compliance, risk of cyber attack and insider risk to name but a few. This puts your reputation and much more on the line.


Our platform gives you that total view of your complete data landscape. We define your protect surfaces, enabling you to prioritise what is most important to your organisation. This visibility gives greater context to DLP and DRM solutions supercharging your data security.


Our partnerships with both Forcepoint and Sealpath are testiment to the power of our platform.
Not only that, Getvisibility solves for a variety of use cases outlined below.

Use Case - Data Hygiene

70 – 80% of the data created in the last two years is unstructured, unidentified and uncontained data. There has never been a greater need to manage redundant, obsolete and trivial data.

Use Case - OCR

Image file formats present a critical problem when it comes to discovering and classifying critical data. Find out more how we solve for this

Use Case - Financial Services

Regulatory pressures continue to be central to banking activities, including relationships with customers and suppliers. Good corporate governance, and resilient and secure operations, remain a regulatory focus.

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Use Case - CMMC

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification program mandates cybersecurity requirements for companies in the defense industrial base (DIB), which includes over 350,000 firms.
Getvisibility accelerates Time to Compliance.

Use Case - Least Privileges

Part of driving a strong cyber security posture is working towards least privileges and in order to do that you need to understand your data, where it resides and who has access to it.

Case Study - Automotive

The level of complexity in the automotive technology manufacturing sector is increasing daily. Read more how we solve for large data challenges in manufacturing

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The challenge in numbers

Large data challenges are increasing not decreasing

$3.1 trillion

Is the estimated cost of having poor data globally

80 - 90%

of all data created today is unstructured.
(not stored in a structured database format ,e.g media, imaging, audio, sensor data, text data)


of global organisations are investing in Big Data and AI

180 zettabytes by 2025

The world will produce slightly over this number of data by 2025.
In 2020 this figure was 64.2 zettabytes

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The Getvisibility data classification platform



Getvisibilitys ai powered platform is split into two solutions

Focus will discover and classify all of your existing and legacy data

Synergy classifies data on creation

This supercharges, your DLP and DRM solutions and provides the bedrock of data security. 

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