Oil and Gas

These days, data security breaches are more common than ever and more expensive. Global studies show that the average total cost of a data breach is now USD3.8 million. What’s more, the loss of intellectual property, product designs or other trade secrets can have severe financial implications. Typically, the organizations that operate in the Oil & Gas sector complex supply chains and large quantities of unstructured data.


When sharing data in the Oil and Gas industry, it must be done securely, including information on pending lease bids, M&A Information, engineering data, R&D information and telemetry data from wells in operation. Classifying this data enables organizations within the oil and gas industry to ensure that data is only ever accessed by the correct people. Getvisibility gives Oil & Gas organizations the ability to safeguard critical data, wherever it resides. This comprehensive platform empowers security teams to automatically analyze what is happening across the data environment to help minimize risk, protect sensitive information and prevent loss.


Oil & Gas



Adopting a proactive, holistic approach to protecting sensitive data across all types of platforms

Lowering total cost

Lowering the total cost of ownership by automatically discovering risks to sensitive data

Easily adapting

Easily adapting to changes in the IT landscape and support the full data protection journey

Data-centric Security

Business-critical data and intellectual property held in CAD tools and document management systems need a data-centric security approach to be effective

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