Insider Threat

Getvisibility can detect insider threats relating to documents and emails before any data leakage occurs. This is possible via the two components of the platform which are Getvisibility Focus and Getvisibility Synergy.
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Getvisibility's Two-Pronged Approach

These components allow analysis and monitoring of documents and emails in the two crucial phases of their lifecycle. Firstly, end users can manually classify documents and emails on creation with the help of the Getvisibility AI agent that can provide suggestions and help. This classification can be checked and amended, or flagged, if needed by Getvisibility's machine learning engine.
Secondly, the software can scan legacy documents in the organisation that may not have been opened in years. These documents are analysed and tagged depending on their sensitivity level and value, allowing staff and other automated tools to handle them correctly.

As organizations are creating large amounts of documents and emails every day, and are now being audited more strictly than before, staff must practise good data safety. Getvisibility provides an agent for laptops and desktops that assists staff in avoiding dangerous activity, it will recommend sensitivity levels using AI, and block and log attempts to expose or put documents at risk. The Getvisibility agent also provides help and reinforces data security training for the staff. It supports the customers security levels and is aware of local regulations and can support multiple languages.

Agent Overview

Automated Discovery and Classification

Over time, large amounts of documents accumulate on document stores and other storage areas in any organisation. These documents are of multiple file types and have varying levels of access permissions. Sensitive or important documents might be incorrectly exposed to many staff and this puts these documents at risk. Getvisibility also provides an automated discovery and classification scanner that uses AI that can automatically handle millions of documents and correctly analyse, tag and report on them. Documents at risk are highlighted and can be automatically tagged, marked for encryption, marked for deletion, or used in detail audits of file storage, never before possible.

Benefits of an Agent

With the launch of our agent technology we can deploy components of the software onto devices such as laptops, desktops and, coming soon, to mobile devices such as iPads and smartphones. These devices are where all the human interaction happens with documents and data. So, Getvisibility can now combine the automated scanning and classification of documents on file storage such as file servers with the interaction with live data and documents on all the endpoint devices in an organisation. This provides the first 360 degree view of documents and emails with AI technology monitoring and learning from the activities.

Getvisibility can now also intervene in risky activities. We’re able to block or warn staff when they try risky activities such as emailing sensitive documents outside the organisation or classifying information at the incorrect, too low level.

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Our new agent software can be configured to enforce classification of document and visual tagging.

Notice that staff can be Forced or Warned to mark a document, or the event can be silently logged for later reporting and training.