Pharmaceutical Sector


These days, data security breaches are more
common than ever and more expensive.
Global studies show that the average total
cost of a data breach is now USD3.8 million.
What’s more, the loss of intellectual
property, product designs or other trade
secrets can have severe financial
In the highly-regulated pharmaceutical industry data
management is essential. Pharmaceutical companies are both
producers and consumers of vast quantities of sensitive data,
from R&D, patent filing, ongoing clinical research, the issuing of
licenses, the manufacturing process and continual
dissemination of information to the medical community.
Getvisibility gives Pharmacueticals the ability to safeguard
critical data, wherever it resides. This comprehensive platform
empowers security teams to automatically analyze what is
happening across the data environment to help minimize risk,
protect sensitive information and prevent loss.


Data classification is a process of consistently categorising data based on specific and pre-defined criteria so that it can be efficiently and effectively protected.


  • Adopting a proactive, holistic approach to protecting
    sensitive data across all types of platforms.
  • Lowering total cost of ownership by automatically
    discovering risks to sensitive data.
  • Easily adapting to changes in the IT landscape and
    supporting the full data protection journey.
  • Business-critical data and intellectual property held in CAD
    tools and document management systems need a
    data-centric security approach in order to be effective.
  • Accelerate digital transformation into the cloud with
    integration to Microsoft AIP and other DLP platforms.