How Getvisibility Helps Data Discovery and Classification

Organisations today are creating more data than ever before, and they are doing so at a rapidly growing rate. Remote working, new and diverse applications and cloud adaption means that organisations are creating data in more formats across multiple locations.

Organisations need to know what data they store, where they are storing that data, who has access to it and what risks are associated with it.

The new wave of data growth has caused large challenges for the people in the organisation who are in charge of security and compliance.

Regulations such as GDPR, SOX and CCPA require that organisations know what data they have and where it is stored.

When organisations don’t have a common understanding of the data they have, there can be a big disconnect between the end-user of the data, the IT team, the security teams and the compliance teams in terms of data management and control. This makes it very difficult for organisations to design and implement control policies and frameworks.

Security teams find it challenging to design the appropriate context-aware security system if they don’t understand what data they have and where it resides. This makes it difficult to protect against sensitive information and regulated data leaks.


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