How Getvisibility Helps End User Computing

Spreadsheets and other powerful programs enable the end user to create complex and business critical output; if left uncontrolled, they can have disastrous implications for businesses.

Spreadsheets and other EUCs, like access database, R and Python apps, are deeply ingrained in organisations across multiple departments. They serve so many different functions that replacing them with a single alternative solution would be monstrously expensive and slow.

The cost of change is simply too big for most organisations; therefore, organisations must regain visibility and control over their EUC estate.

EUCs, like Excel, PowerPoint and Word, are increasingly used because of their great functionality and quality end product, but using them to collaborate is often problematic. There is little control or insight into how, when and who updates them. Businesses often rely on these files, but there is no insight into the risks associated with their use.

Despite the potential for extensive financial and reputational losses that EUC risk presents, its often not taken into account until it is too late.


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