Getvisibility – WhitePaper – The Risks With Unstructured Data In The Financial Services Sector.

Data Risk Is Growing:

White Paper On The Risks With Unstructured Data In The Financial Services Sector (FSS)

Data is a tremendously valuable asset, but conversely, unsecured data can also be regarded as a severe liability. In this white paper, we present our view of the risk landscape as it relates to unstructured data. This white paper explores the challenges and risks associated with unstructured data within the financial services sector (FSS). We provide examples of where specific problems such as End User Computing (EUC’s) are becoming more problematic in a post COVID workforce.


The FSS is operating under significant pressure and global change. Technological advancements and complex regulatory requirements are together creating an imperative to change. These external pressures mean that whilst the FSS must execute on the needs of today, they must also adapt and innovate to remain competitive.

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