14 July 2022


Salesforce, a challenge for continuous protection -How innovation through AI is enabling Zero Trust.

Salesforce and the risk of unstructured data.



Zero Trust has accelerated new product development. Innovation is a beautiful thing and not always linear.

Organisations apportion large budgets and spend countless hours brainstorming new products and technologies.

Often times it is the unstructured conversations that return the greatest results.

It can start with an aspirational problem statement. When the limitations of structure are removed it can lead to giant footsteps in progress and innovation.

Listening is a vital life skill and one that is core to our successes. At Getvisibility we listen to our customers, our partners, our peers and our critics.

Finding new uses for our AI and Machine Learning is also why we continue to challenge the status quo.

Our recent whitepaper, AI & The Future of Data Classification outlines just that.


“There are countless tales of exiting sales people taking a copy of the contacts database with them to their next role. With more and more organisations centralising their departments on Salesforce, the types of data stored centrally are no longer just focused on leads and customers.”



Read more about how a car journey can have kick start new development and enhance our customers quest for Zero Trust.


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