Data Discovery and Classification

Uncovering your critical data

Uncovering your critical data is best done with an automated, reliable and consistent search and classification tool.

​Teams of humans are expensive and are not effective at classifying large volumes of documents. These large repositories built up over many years need a fast, automated tool. Getvisibility Focus is completely automated and designed to scan and classify multiple millions of documents that may not have been accessed in years.

Rich, consistent tag sets that map to your existing internal confidentiality levels are useful as you can immediately understand the sensitivity of the document and apply the correct procedures. Or customise the tags, map them to your new Data Loss Prevention (DLP) platform and get your documents automatically imported.

​This is a valuable step towards implementing automation for data protection as well as Focus integrates to DLP platforms such as Microsoft Azure Information Protection.


Discovery and classification

During the discovery and classification, we collect useful data about files and emails.

This allows acting on ROT (redundant, obsolete and trivial data). Also, classifications of email to the same tag taxonomy and confidentiality levels allows a unified approach to data protection, and we seamlessly classify emails, attachments and standalone files the same way.

Mapping to Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tags that can be applied during the scan allows large repositories to come under the control of the DLP. A powerful feature!

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