Enabling Cloud Migration

Enabling Cloud Migration

Cloud migration is challenging due to several factors recognised in a Logic Monitor study call Cloud Vision 2020.


These factors are ranked, and the top issue is the perception of lower security. We believe this security concern relates to the company’s data or intellectual property. So, considering that the cloud infrastructure itself is very secure, the logical assumption is that companies are concerned about leaks of data or incorrect permissions exposing data to the external world.


Enabling Cloud Migration

As Getvisibility assists companies in identifying sensitive data, we are also assisting companies in moving the critical data to the cloud and understanding clearly where the data is and who has permissions.


This dramatically eases security concerns. Many companies accumulate extensive archives of documents on file servers and legacy storage platforms on-premise over long periods. It is now easier than ever to discover, classify, filter and protect these before migrating. Getvisibility integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Azure services, including Azure Information Protection (AIP), to discover and classify documents and emails using machine learning. AIP tags are written automatically, protecting your files and enabling the AIP protection with no human intervention.


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