25 July 2023

Muirne Scanlon

Solving Data Control Problems: How Getvisibility Empowers Global Businesses


In today’s digital landscape, businesses face numerous challenges when it comes to effectively controlling and managing their data. From unstructured data lifecycle management and compliance to data leakage, intellectual property protection, and cloud migration, organisations require robust solutions to address these pain points. 


This blog post explores how we, Getvisibility, an innovative data security posture management (DSPM) company, offers innovative solutions to solve the top four data control problems for global businesses.


Problem #1: Unstructured Data Lifecycle Management and Compliance: Unstructured data, characterised by its lack of predefined formats, presents significant challenges for organisations. The continuous growth of unstructured data makes it difficult to analyse and secure effectively. Getvisibility helps organisations manage unstructured data throughout its lifecycle, from creation to deletion. By accurately discovering and classifying unstructured data, Getvisibility enables businesses to assess assets, plan security measures, and ensure compliance with regulations. This streamlined approach optimises data governance and minimises the risks associated with data storage and retention.


Problem #2: Data Leakage and Insider Threats: Data loss resulting from internal and external threats is a major concern for organisations. Data loss prevention (DLP) technologies play a crucial role in reducing the risk of sensitive data breaches. However, these technologies often struggle with contextual knowledge and lead to an overwhelming number of alerts. Getvisibility provides an agent that assists employees in avoiding risky activities, recommends sensitivity levels using AI, and reinforces data security training. With its awareness of local regulations and support for multiple languages, Getvisibility effectively addresses data leakage and insider threat challenges.


Problem #3: Intellectual Property (IP) Protection: Intellectual property is the lifeblood of every organisation, ranging from manufacturing processes to trade secrets and patents. Protecting and controlling IP is a critical challenge across departments. Getvisibility offers seamless discovery and location of IP, automated classification, and unparalleled accuracy in identifying intellectual property within unstructured data. By simplifying cross-departmental collaboration and safeguarding various types of IP, Getvisibility empowers organisations to effectively protect their valuable assets.


Problem #4: Cloud Migration and Data Minimisation: Organisations often store vast amounts of non-essential data, leading to increased costs and risks. Optimising storage, reducing compliance overhead, and minimising risk are essential for successful cloud migration. Getvisibility helps organisations understand their data footprint by identifying redundant, obsolete, and trivial (R.O.T.) data. By automating the identification of duplicate and regulated data, Getvisibility enables companies to make data-driven decisions, maintain compliance with retention schedules, and minimise storage of non-essential information. Additionally, the platform simplifies cloud data migration, ensuring compliance and mitigating risks associated with the process.


Here at Getvisibility we provide powerful solutions to the top four data control problems faced by global businesses. By accurately classifying and securing unstructured data, empowering data loss prevention, protecting intellectual property, and streamlining cloud migration and data minimisation, Getvisibility enables organisations to enhance data security, maintain compliance, optimise data storage, and improve overall data management processes. 


Implementing Getvisibility’s user-friendly platform helps businesses mitigate risks, maximise the value of data assets, and achieve a competitive edge in today’s data-driven landscape. With increasing data privacy concerns and regulatory requirements, Getvisibility offers the tools necessary to control and protect data effectively, enabling businesses to thrive in the digital era.


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