Synergy Lite

Designed to Give Cross-Platform Flexibility

Synergy Lite

Synergy Lite, the lightweight data classification and email data leakage prevention tool that can be deployed across the whole company in an hour.

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Protect your files from email data leakage

The new Synergy Lite product is designed to give cross-platform flexibility for small and medium enterprises to allow data classification to follow them on their mobiles, Windows and macOS devices. Companies now can protect their data from being sent to a wrong or not-authorised recipients. It is a tool to prevent workers from making costly mistakes over email.

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Getvisibility Synergy Lite document

A Cross – platform data classification

Additionally, GV Synergy Lite allows deep customisation of the software tool that is not available to other tools presented in the market. Synergy Lite seamlessly integrates to Symantec, McAfee and Forcepoint DLP products for greater data protection. Getvisibility’s software package is available to Office 365 and Microsoft 365 Business subscription.

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Getvisibility Synergy Lite email
Getvisibility Synergy Lite Email

Synergy Lite supports what you already use

  • Cross-platform data classification
  • Visual labelling with headers, footers and watermarks
  • Email data loss prevention
  • Flexible configurational rules
  • Supporting whitelist and blacklist lists of email addresses and email domains
  • Enabling users to classify all emails before they can send them
  • Easy to share with 3rd party DLP vendors to achieve broader data protection.

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Core feature 

Email DLP on classification

Live classification of data in motion


Headers and footers in Microsoft Office

One GRC compliance configuration 

Customer support via email,
phone or live chat

Policy configuration classification

Window Explorer  


Insider threat monitoring  

Risk assessments


Self service data QA

On-demand or scheduled scans

Data R.O.T analysis

Comprehensive & user-friendly visualisation of classified data files

Reporting and remediation

Self service model training

Synergy Lite

Payable Every YEAR

Synergy pro

Payable Every Year



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