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Synergy Pro

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Getvisibility Synergy Pro

The Getvisibility Synergy Pro platform is Flexible, purpose-built policy management solutions to identify, classify, and secure your unstructured data.



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Getvisibility Synergy Pro

Organisations generate more and more data, making it increasingly difficult to protect sensitive information. But employees need to be able to share information securely and easily.



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Getvisibility Synergy Pro
Getvisibility Synergy Pro

With Getvisibility Synergy Pro we bring you a platform that will seamlessly support employees across all of their data and your data organisations governance strategy.

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Getvisibility Synergy Pro

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Core feature 

Email DLP on classification

Live classification of data in motion


Headers and footers in Microsoft Office

One GRC compliance configuration 

Customer support via email,
phone or live chat

Policy configuration classification

Window file explorer  


Insider threat monitoring  

Risk assessments


Self service data QA

On-demand or scheduled scans

Data R.O.T analysis

Comprehensive & user-friendly visualisation of classified data files

Reporting and remediation

Self service model training


Payable Every YEAR

Synergy pro

Payable Every Year

ENTERPRISE Suite (Synergy pro + Focus)


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