15 July 2022


The changing landscape of office productivity solutions and associated risks.

Most of us are more than familiar with terms such as “hybrid working” “dispersed workforces” and “remote first”. All are a by product of an unforeseen pandemic. Workplaces are constantly evolving as organisations reassess what is best for productivity and ultimately a happy workforce.

With this evolution came the need to rethink our status quo, not just on where we work but also how we work. As everyone flocked to Zoom for video conferencing and explored countless different solutions to enable a fluctuating reality, the importance of open and seamless collaboration rose straight to the top.

Old School Office

Traditional productivity solutions such as Microsoft Office Suite could no longer meet the demands of a fluid workplace. This accelerated companies’ adoption of both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace (Gsuite).

Having recently worked with a remote first organisation, whose main productivity solution is Google Workspace, it became quickly apparent that there are certain advantages to Google over Microsoft particularly when it comes to collaboration. Not only can employees collaborate in real time on documents, there is also a wider array of in-suite applications such as Google Meet, Photos and Forms.

A large part of the growth of Google Workspace comes down to its presence in education and the fact that young adults now entering the workforce grew up using Gmail and Docs for school.


As larger organisations make the switch to Google Workspace it presents a new challenge particularly around data security. With greater collaboration comes greater access to potentially sensitive information. This has quickly become a security concern and one that we are constantly hearing about through feedback from our partners and customers.


Where there are challenges there is opportunity, and our Engineers love a challenge. The Engineering hivemind put their heads together, meticulously laid out an AI powered solution and through testing and iterating solved for Google Workspace.

Getvisibility is not just focused on the here and now. We have our ears open and are constantly asking questions to enhance our vision of the future.

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