Why Choose Our Solutions

Getvisibility enables organisations to get a single unified view of their data with one platform enabling them to control, govern and benefit from their unstructured data. The benefits of the GV product for the target organisation are:


As organizations are creating large amounts of documents and emails every day, and are now being audited more strictly than before, staff must practise good data safety. Getvisibility provides the Synergy agent described above that assists staff in avoiding dangerous activity, it will recommend sensitivity levels using AI, and block and log attempts to expose or put documents at risk. The agent also provides help and reinforces data security training for the staff. It supports the customers security levels and is aware of local regulations and can support multiple languages. Many regulations and compliance standards such as ISO, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, CMMC, DFARS, ITAR, EAR and others require, or benefit from, some form of visual document tagging that adds headers and footers such as: This document does not contain Technical Data or Technology as defined in the ITAR Part 120.10 or EAR Part 772 This visual tagging can be manually inserted or added by software and depends on the content of the document. If manually added, the staff member editing the document must remember and insert the correct header based on the content of the document. This is easy to get wrong or to forget, especially when there are multiple regulations involved.


Our software is designed to use our existing ML capability to examine the document text and recommend and write the correct header. This benefits the company because the documents are more consistently marked, the staff have less chance to make errors, and tracking of documents becomes possible. The same is even more important for emails as these are designed to be sent between staff or out of the organisation. The value chain of organisations is now under more scrutiny than ever before due to data privacy or data security regulations. So, correctly marked emails become even more crucial than ever.