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Getvisibility presents a product that utilises the latest technology in Deep Learning AI for data classification and blockchain for data lineage, to give companies visibility, control and a strong dynamic understanding of their data as it is being created.

Our software is designed to process and classify unstructured information as it is being created with an unprecedented level of classification confidence. With Getvisibility, a company gets a complete registry of all files that contain Personal Identifiable Information necessary for GDPR. Getvisibility allows companies to quickly visualise their data footprint where new and changing data risks have become evident thus allowing for proactive data management and security.

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Discovery and classification

The Getvisibility platform is able to scan your network and find data stored on local, shared, and cloud storages and portable media. We will classify the data found based on a pre-trained, highly mature machine-learning model for your industry and also your own keywords and terms. The classification algorithm is more accurate than any other solution currently available.

Our software handles all stored data (data at rest) on your network regardless of the location. All companies have a mixture of devices today including substantial local storage on devices such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones, in addition to workstations, network attached storage and central file servers. No data classification state snapshot is complete unless all possible repositories are scanned and analysed. The Getvisibility platform is the most comprehensive data discovery platform available and makes the most efficient use of the plethora of devices in an organisation.

Blockchain and data lineage

Getvisibility Blockchain solution brings data lineage for unstructured text data backed up by an immutable, distributed audit log using blockchain technology. This enables companies to control the sharing of information about their internal data governance with external parties to build trust. This is a unique solution for M&A transactions due diligence or auditing where it is important to prove your security posture to an external party. Data Lineage is a very powerful forensic tool that allows companies to track the ancestry of any file created inside their perimeter. This allows them to track sensitive text data changes across their network and saves these changes to a distributed audit log with external validation. We provide granular tracking of individual edits to sensitive documents in real-time and build data lineage history graphs for these files across devices, cloud providers and network storage providers.

Deep learning and GDPR

The Getvisibility solution can be installed on servers, PCs, and even mobile phones to identify and classify files at the moment of creation. Getvisibility uses machine learning to optimise deep neural networks for fast and very accurate classification. The software checks every file or piece of information to identify any Personal Identifiable Information and creates a confidential registry for each entity found. It has never been so easy to process a subject access request. Any channel of communication that involves the transfer of PII data is now fully controlled and transparent.

Event detection and data protection

To allow comprehensive data loss prevention, the Getvisibility platform implements complex event processing by integrating activities across devices, monitoring access to sensitive data, and integrating to network elements such as firewalls to build a big picture view of activity across your organisation.

Deep neural networks discover anomalies representing possible failures, attacks or malicious attempts to leak your data in real time. You can configure the platform to log, alert or even intervene and block these attempts. Specific flagged events such as sensitive file modifications are tracked and can be saved to a distributed block-chain ledger for immutable future reference.

No other platform combines the integrated view of events across so many elements of your infrastructure with the knowledge of your data in this way, and your data never leaves your network.

The solution

We deploy our software in multiple tiers. Lightweight clients run on your devices. Our clustered management server in your network (or hosted for you) provides control, reports and dashboards. Also, our intelligent cloud automatically learns and distributes machine learning modes for advanced detection to your installation keeping you up to date.

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