Simplifying Data Security and Compliance: Our Comprehensive Solution

AI for Intelligent Data Classification

Our platform leverages advanced AI-driven technologies to provide intuitive suggestions for data classification based on content. This approach ensures that your critical business data, whether stored on-premise or in the cloud, is accurately classified and protected. With our bespoke AI, trained via Large Language Models (LLM), we align our solutions with your unique needs for precise data analysis.

Real-time Insights and Automated Remediation

Experience rapid discovery and identification of potential data security threats with our cutting-edge algorithms. Our tools offer real-time insights and automated remediation, applying automatic security metadata labels to your files and data sources. This proactive approach significantly enhances your data protection strategies.

Empowering Your Team with No-Code Solutions

Our user-friendly, no-code report builder empowers all team members to engage with data security, irrespective of their technical skills. Create custom reports and access up-to-date dashboards for specialised security assessments and quick decision-making.

Comprehensive Endpoint Coverage

Unique in the industry, our solution covers both data stores and endpoint devices. This ensures a comprehensive protection of your data, whether it's in transit or at rest. Our endpoint agent solution, Synergy, classifies data on the end-point, assisting with regulations requiring data labelling.

Tailored to NIST Compliance

Our platform is specifically designed to help organisations comply with NIST standards. By offering streamlined classification of data, sensitive data discovery, and robust data access governance, we ensure your organisation meets NIST compliance requirements effortlessly.

Addressing Your Pain Points

We understand the challenges of complex classification taxonomies, sensitive information protection, and the need for enhanced visibility over data. Our solutions are designed to tackle these pain points head-on, providing you with the clarity and control you need over your data security.