Data Stewardship

Unlocking the Power of Your Data

DataGuard by Getvisibility revolutionises data controls by clearly defining and empowering data owners and data custodians within your organisation. This transformation ensures that every piece of data is under vigilant management, aligning with your company's strategic objectives and compliance mandates.

Streamlined Communication for Effective Data Management

DataGuard transforms department heads and business unit representatives into primary points of contact for data governance. This alignment guarantees efficient communication channels, making data management more coherent and streamlined across the organisation.

Engagement in Data Governance

With DataGuard, appointed individuals in each department receive timely notifications to engage in data asset inventory. This proactive involvement ensures that every department contributes to and benefits from the data governance strategy, enhancing overall data quality and compliance.

Responsibility and Oversight

DataGuard integrates data governance into the fabric of business operations. Department representatives, acting as data custodians, are given the authority and responsibility to oversee data practices, aligning their department's data management with organisational standards and compliance requirements.

Personalised Data Management Approach

Each department within the organisation receives a customised data management workflow, tailored to their specific role and the types of data they handle. From Cybersecurity to Human Resources, DataGuard equips every team with relevant data asset suggestions, guiding them through the management process effectively.

Enabling Organizational Autonomy

DataGuard empowers organisations to autonomously manage their data governance. By identifying unmanaged data assets and assigning data owners, it ensures that all data is under responsible stewardship, reducing the risks associated with neglected or mismanaged data.

Accountability and Efficiency in Data Security

DataGuard ensures that data owners are immediately alerted to any policy violations, enabling swift resolution of issues. This feature is indispensable for CISOs, as it brings clarity in accountability, improves response efficiency, and ensures that data assets are continuously monitored and managed by designated personnel.

Building a Culture of Data Stewardship

DataGuard goes beyond assigning tasks; it fosters a culture of accountability and proactive data governance. By clearly delineating roles and responsibilities, it ensures that all stakeholders are actively involved in maintaining the integrity and security of the organisation's data.

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