Data Access Governance

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Challenges in Data Access Governance

In today's dynamic business landscape, organisations face a multitude of challenges—from regulatory mandates and exponential growth in unstructured data to the complexities of remote working and evolving cyber threats. Managing access to data has become a colossal task, balancing between security and efficiency.

Statistics tell the story:

  • 80% of enterprise data is unstructured.
  • 71% of enterprises struggle to manage and protect data stored in files.

The Getvisibility Solution

Addressing Compliance and Security Risks

Getvisibility is the key to overcoming these challenges. Our solution helps organisations:

  • Reduce compliance risk
  • Mitigate cybersecurity risk
  • Provide regular updates and measurements of active directory risk

Meeting Regulatory Requirements with Ease

Key Features:

Automated Discovery: Locate data on every file share and endpoint.

Accurate Classification: Classify all data, both new and legacy.

Inventory Building: Create a comprehensive list of users, data, and policies.

Sensitive Data Identification: Recognize compliance-related or commercially sensitive data.

Access Control: Determine who has access to what data.

Risk Rating: Evaluate the risk of the active directory.

Data Ownership Assignment: Assign ownership to different areas of sensitive data.

Boosting Productivity and Efficiency

Getvisibility Enables:
  • Proactive identification of security risks
  • Increased staff and management productivity
  • Reduction in time spent on diagnostics, remediation, and breach management
  • Streamlined data administration tasks

Simple, Automated, and Cost-Effective

Why Getvisibility?
  • Highly automated and easy to deploy
  • Massive cost reduction and management overhead
  • No need for ongoing expensive professional services

Advanced AI-Powered Governance

Key Metrics and Reports:
  • Gap analysis reports and risk scoring for each department
  • Alignment to best practice measurements
  • Comprehensive analysis of access rights and data associations

Multi-Layered Governance Reports

For Auditors, Regulators, and Risk Committees:
  • Detailed reports for auditing purposes
  • KPIs and directional reporting
  • Remediation actions for at-risk files

Seamless Integration with Your Environment

Getvisibility Supports:
  • On-prem and cloud-based data
  • File shares
  • Collaboration portals (e.g., SharePoint)
  • Cloud storage systems (e.g., G-Suite, Dropbox, AWS, OneDrive, or Box)
  • All types of email

Complementing Your Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Program

Granular Visibility for Every Data:
  • Ensure your critical data is classified and governed effectively
  • Compliment your DLP program with advanced solutions

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