Getvisibility, next-gen AI for data risk assessment and protection

Getvisibility is designed to process and classify unstructured information with an unprecedented level of confidence

Data security through cutting-edge technology

Getvisibility develops products to process and classify unstructured information with an unprecedented level of confidence and is positioned at the intersection of three major Company initiatives.

Data Security

The Getvisibility Platform allows organisations to consume out-of-the-box AI to define their protect surface and secure their data.

Data Governance

Deploy standardised compliance tags and classifications company-wide to address compliance standards in any industry.

Data Risk Mitigation Enablement

Use FAIR methodology for accurate and thorough risk analysis to driver Migration, Encryption, Archival, Deletion, Access Control, and Zero Trust.

A Growing Suite of Products

Our continual innovation provides products that redefine our client's confidential data through tailored AI to deliver secure access service edge (SASE) solutions to safeguard their sensitive data and maintain compliance with industry regulations.

Enterprise Customers
Per File Fast Scanning

Unparalleled Accuracy

Getvisibility is a game-changer in the world of data security analytics gaining unparalleled accuracy, visibility and control over client data assets, enabling proactive risk mitigation and informed decision-making.

Latest Use Cases

Meet the Management Team

Innovative thinking needs innovative leaders. Meet Ronan, Mark and Artem, internationally recognised experts in enterprise security, cyber defence programs, and data protection, leading the way in safeguarding global interests.

Ronan Murphy

Renowned security expert ronan safeguards global enterprises with cyber defense and critical infrastructure protection in 100+ countries

Mark Brosnan

A seasoned CEO at building enterprise software platforms and expertise in AI-driven solutions for data management and control.

Artem Kalaitan

Cyber security specialist in forensics, data protection, cryptography and expert leading innovations for multinational organisations.

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