About Getvisibility


We at Getvisibility design, develop and support our reseller channels to deploy, operate and support our own software platform (Getvisibility Focus) that incorporates state of the art Natural Language Processing and machine learning to find and classify unstructured text data within organisations, check against access rights, integrate to Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tools, and calculate risks.


We also monitor users and behaviour and have anomaly detection to flag vulnerabilities or anomalous behaviour. Our software operates across multiple languages.

The founders of the company are experienced startup entrepreneurs and the engineering team have significant years of experience with developing reactive, micro service distributed software. The data science team are experienced, highly qualified professionals working in the area of machine learning for a number of years. We are based in Cork and employ 16 staff are are expanding.

We have customers in the EU (Austria and Germany), in North America, in Bermuda, and in Ireland and the UK. In addition, we are a Microsoft Co-Sell Partner and have signed distribution contracts with major global distributors and multiple (well over 20) major global re-sellers.

Our Story

Ronan’s Story


With 20 years’ experience, Ronan is internationally recognised as an expert in the areas of corporate and enterprise security, development of cyber defence programs, and business operations protection for large enterprises. With responsibility for the protection of critical infrastructure technologies that protect hundreds of thousands of companies’ and governments’ interests in more than 100 countries.

The Idea is Born

September 2017

While working on data security projects for multiple customers, Ronan’s frustrations grew with the shortcomings of unstructured data security. On further inspection, he quickly realised the issue arose from the inability to wrap structure around unstructured data.  Traditional classification methods were not suitable for Ronan’s clientele as they were laborious and expensive projects yielding sub-par results.  Ronan decided the only solution was to get creating!
January 2018
The Work Begins

In January 2018, Ronan gathered a tight knit, experienced and creative team who began making the idea into a reality.








Artem Kalaitan          Derek Coetzee

VP of Product           CTO

Engineering Team Grows to 5

Getvisibility hires additional engineers to accelerate the development of the first iteration of the product.

May 2018
November 2018

First Customer Signed

 Getvisibility sign a deal with an international insurance company who agree to be the pioneering customer for the technology.

First Government Tender Won

 Getvisibility apply for, and win a tender with a large Irish Government Department undertaking a large data project.

February 2019
March 2019

Microsoft Strategic Partnership Announced

Getvisibility showcase the technology to Microsoft executives who agree to a strategic partnership. Getvisibility’s ability to integrate to Microsoft’s Data Loss Prevention (Azure AIP) strengthened this partnership.

Staff Count Rises to 13 Staff

A widening customer base and increased traction lead to a need for extra staff. This is when the office starts to look full!

August 2019

Global Arrow Distribution Agreement
Getvisibility sign a global deal with Arrow ECS Distribution, opening up a multi-million market
October 2019

Middle East Distribution Agreement with Redington

Interest grows amongst the Middle Eastern organisations and a distribution deal is signed with Redington.

OEM Deal with Forcepoint

Getvisibility creates an integration with Forcepoint DLP and an OEM partnership is agreed.

November 2019
December 2019

Team Grows to 25

Lots of new desks needed for the office as the success of the company grows!

Meet The Team


Management Team

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Ronan Murphy
CEO and Co-Founder
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Derek Coetzee
Chief Technology Officer 
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Artem Kalaitan
VP. of Product


You can reach out to us by contacting our email: contact@getvisibility.com or by phone: + 353 (0)21 2066033