insider risk management

Proactively Manage Insider Risks with DataGuard

Secure Your Assets from the Inside Out


Insider threats pose a significant and often overlooked risk. DataGuard provides a robust solution to address and mitigate the risks posed by internal actors within an organisation. It provides a systematic and comprehensive approach to detecting, analysing, and responding to insider threats, ensuring the security and integrity of your critical data.

Key Features of DataGuard for Insider Risk Management

Automated Discovery and Classification: DataGuard’s data discovery tools identify and classify sensitive information across your network. This enables the system to monitor how data is accessed and used by internal users, highlighting potential insider threats.

Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts: Stay ahead of risks with DataGuard’s continuous monitoring capabilities. Receive instant alerts on suspicious activities, ensuring swift identification and response to potential insider threats.

Policy Enforcement and Access Controls: Implement robust data handling and access policies. DataGuard ensures that these policies are consistently enforced across the organisation, minimising the risk of data misuse or leakage by insiders.

Data Asset Ownership Assignment: With DataGuard, you can assign specific data owners to each data source, which is critical for monitoring and controlling access to sensitive information. This feature plays a pivotal role in insider risk management by establishing clear accountability.

Gap Analysis and Risk Assessment: Identify vulnerabilities within your data governance framework with DataGuard’s gap analysis tools. These tools help in assessing risks associated with data handling by internal staff.

Incident Management Dashboard: Manage and resolve data governance incidents efficiently. DataGuard's dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of all incidents, including those involving insider threats, with features for tracking and resolution.

Integration with Existing Systems: DataGuard can be seamlessly integrated with your existing IT infrastructure, enhancing your insider risk management without the need for extensive modifications to current systems.

User Behaviour Analytics: Analyse patterns of user behaviour to detect anomalies. DataGuard helps in identifying potential insider threats based on deviations from normal activity patterns.


DataGuard equips your organisation with the necessary tools to effectively manage and mitigate insider risks. By leveraging its comprehensive features, you can ensure a secure and compliant data environment, safeguarding your organisation's valuable assets from potential internal threats. With DataGuard, gain peace of mind knowing that your insider risk management is proactive, robust, and aligned with best practices in data security.