Comply with Data Sovereignty

Navigate the complexities of data sovereignty with Getvisibility. In a landscape where privacy regulations are constantly evolving, our solution offers robust tools to manage and safeguard your data across borders, ensuring compliance with global standards like CPRA, GDPR, and more.

Comprehensive Data Sovereignty Management

Data sovereignty poses unique challenges, especially for global enterprises. Getvisibility addresses these challenges head-on, providing tools to detect and alert when sensitive and regulated data violates data residency requirements. Our platform offers visibility into data store geolocations and tracks data movement across cloud environments and regions, ensuring that your data complies with all relevant laws and regulations.

Building an Accurate Data Inventory

Our first step in managing data sovereignty is to create an accurate inventory of your data. By identifying critical, sensitive, and business data, Getvisibility helps manage the risk associated with cross-border data transfers. Our platform maintains an up-to-date understanding of your data landscape, ensuring that all data at risk is properly accounted for and managed.

Policy Creation and Enforcement Based on Data Location

Getvisibility enables the application of out-of-the-box (OOTB) policies to monitor and alert on cross-border data transfers. We help organisations assess, validate, report, and remediate information based on data jurisdictions, ensuring compliance with complex data transfer requirements.

Data Mapping for Risk Reduction

Through our advanced data mapping capabilities, Getvisibility automates the process of documenting and reporting on data processing activities. This feature is crucial in assessing data assets and their locations, securing cross-border data transfers, and validating third-party data sharing.

Mitigating Data Transfer Risks with Privacy Risk Assessments (PIAs)

Protect your data and maintain compliance with PIAs that evaluate all data transfers. Our platform manages privacy risk assessments, estimating risks associated with your data inventory, including ownership, geography, purpose, storage, usage, sharing, and maintenance, to comply with cross-border transfer regulations.

Restricting Access During Data Transfers

To further reduce risk, Getvisibility manages access to sensitive data, providing safeguards to protect personal information during data transfers. Our system quickly identifies overexposed data and overprivileged user access, focusing on geolocation and accessibility rights.

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