Control Data Exposure

Tackling Over-Permissive Folders

One of the primary challenges in data exposure is the prevalence of over-permissive folders. Historically, administrators often granted broad access rights to facilitate collaboration, inadvertently creating significant security risks. Getvisibility addresses this issue head-on by providing tools to analyse and restructure permissions, ensuring that only the necessary personnel have access to sensitive data.

Streamlining Sharing Links and Access

The shift to cloud-based infrastructure introduces additional exposure risks through sharing links. Getvisibility's platform offers sophisticated controls to manage and monitor sharing permissions, both within and outside the organisation. Our system ensures that sharing links are used responsibly, reducing the likelihood of unauthorised access.

Securing Communication Platforms

The rapid adoption of communication platforms like Microsoft Teams has added complexity to data security. Getvisibility helps organisations understand and manage the data security implications of these platforms. By monitoring the creation of new shared folders and links, we help prevent unintended data exposure.

Remediation and Least-Privilege Access

Getvisibility's approach to remediation involves a precise strategy to reduce sensitive data exposure. By analysing how users interact with data, our system tailors access permissions, replacing open access with need-based permissions. This approach ensures minimal disruption to day-to-day operations while significantly enhancing data security.

Ongoing Management with Data Owners

In addition to initial remediation, Getvisibility supports continuous management of data access through its DataPrivilege feature. Data owners can conduct regular entitlement reviews to certify that access to their data remains appropriate and secure, maintaining a least-privileged access model.

Real-Time Alerts for Proactive Security

Visibility into data access patterns is crucial, but real-time alerts provide an additional layer of security. Getvisibility offers alert systems that detect and notify abnormal behaviours and potential security compromises, enabling swift response and remediation to new risks as they arise.

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