Data Retention & Archiving

Intelligent Data Retention for Compliance and Efficiency

Data Retention is more than just storing information; it's about retaining the right data for the right duration. Getvisibility empowers organisations to intelligently retain data that is crucial for operational success and regulatory compliance. Our platform helps you determine which data is vital and for how long it should be preserved, aligning with legal requirements and business needs.

Streamlined Archiving for Easy Access and Management

Archiving data should not mean losing sight of it. Getvisibility's archiving solutions ensure that while your data is stored securely, it remains easily accessible for future reference. This streamlined approach facilitates efficient data management and retrieval, ensuring that your archived data is a resource, not a liability.

Automated Data Lifecycle Management

We bring automation to the forefront of data retention and archiving. Our system seamlessly classifies and segregates data based on predefined policies, automatically moving data through its lifecycle from active use to secure archiving. This automation not only enhances operational efficiency but also ensures consistent application of data policies.

Safeguarding Data Integrity and Reducing Risks

By implementing robust data retention and archiving strategies, Getvisibility helps safeguard the integrity of your data. Our approach minimises risks associated with data breaches and loss, ensuring your data remains secure throughout its lifecycle.

Empowering Decision-Making with Organised Data

With data properly archived and retained, decision-makers can access historical data that can provide valuable insights. Getvisibility ensures that your data is not just stored but organised in a way that supports informed decision-making and business intelligence.

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