Data Lifecycle Management

Optimize Your Data Journey: Data Lifecycle Management with Getvisibility

Unstructured data, a valuable but often elusive asset, requires a strategic approach to maximize its potential. Getvisibility steps in to address the challenges of managing the lifecycle of unstructured data, offering a solution that not only ensures compliance but transforms your data into a strategic advantage.

The Challenge of Unstructured Data:

Unstructured data, lacking predefined formats and growing continuously, presents a unique set of challenges. Traditional analytics struggle to process it, making analysis and security a daunting task. Getvisibility addresses this challenge by providing a clear view of your unstructured data, making it easier to analyze and secure.

Data Lifecycle Management:

Getvisibility excels in managing unstructured data throughout its lifecycle, from creation to deletion. This strategic process ensures compliance with regulations while minimizing risks associated with data storage and retention. By accurately discovering and classifying unstructured data, Getvisibility becomes an indispensable tool in your data management arsenal.

Key Offerings for Data Lifecycle Management:

  • Streamlined Handling: Effortlessly manage unstructured data from creation to deletion.
  • Ensured Compliance: Adherence to relevant regulations, minimizing risks throughout the data lifecycle.
  • Accurate Data Classification: Automate the discovery and classification of PII, PCI, and other regulated data.
  • Seamless Cloud Migration Support: Assess and classify data for a smooth transition to the cloud.

Empower your organisation with Getvisibility's Data Lifecycle Management, turning the challenges of unstructured data into opportunities for growth and compliance. Seize control of your data's journey, ensuring it remains a valuable asset throughout its lifecycle.