TheGetvisibility Endpoint Data Classification Solution

AI-assisted end-user document classification tool; enablingprotection on creation.

Protect your data in motion with state-of-the-art machine learning

The Getvisibility Endpoint Data Classification Solution is designed to help your organization classify and protect your data in motion with state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms by combining natural language processing with neural networks. Synergy allows unstructured data across organizations to be classified with unparalleled accuracy and speed. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled tool suggests classification to end users of tagging documents and emails but also learns from users selections, improving accuracy overtime. Using Getvisibility Synergy enables end users to classify their data easily and accurately, ensuring the most appropriate level of protection is applied.

Key Solutions Features

  • Classifies Data-in-Motion
  • AI/ML based suggestions
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Multi-language support

AI-assisted end-user document classification tool; enabling protection on creation

AI Suggestions

Getvisibility provides end users with AI suggestions to ensure the correct classification and protection of the document.


New data compliance regulations mandate the classification of documents within an organisation.

Instant Protection

Classifying documents on creation allows for instant application of document protection policies

Endpoint Data Classification in action

Getvisibility Endpoint Data Classification agent sits within the ribbon of the Microsoft application. It is easily accessible and shows the current classification status of the document. Once selected, users are prompted to make classification selections, aided by AI suggestions. Once saved, the classification level is automatically applied and written into the metadata of the document.

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