Building Trust with Unwavering Data Security for Your AI Initiatives

Uncontrolled and poorly understood AI can be a ticking time bomb for organizations. Without robust data security, bad actors can exploit vulnerabilities and manipulate Al with potentially disastrous results. Secure your data now to avoid these risks and accelerate your safe and successful Al journey.

Gain Unparalleled Oversight of Your GenAI Landscape with Getvisibility

Getvisibility empowers organisations to navigate the complexities of GenAl with a focus on data security and oversight. Here's how Getvisibility's features address each critical area.

Shine a Light on GenAl Activity:

  • Getvisibility's automated discovery scans your environment to identify GenAl applications in use, even those deployed outside of IT.
  • Real-time monitoring provides continuous insights into GenAl activity, tracking data and user interactions.
  • Detailed reports offer a comprehensive view of your GenAl landscape, enabling informed decision-making.

Hunt Down Unauthorized Al:

  • Automated alerts notify security teams of potential shadow AI deployments, allowing for quick investigation and remediation,
  • Granular user access controls preventing unauthorised individuals from accessing or manipulating sensitvive data used for AI training,

Fortify Your AI Ecosystem:

  • Integration with SIEM systems allows for a unified view of security threats across your entire IT infrastructure, including the AI ecosystem.

Shield Your Intellectual Property and Source Code:

  • Getvisibility's Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities identify and classify sensitive data used for Al training, including intellectual property and source code.
  • Automated controls prevent unauthorized access or exfiltration of sensitive data, mitigating the risk of IP theft.

Streamline Sensitive Data Identification:

  • Getvisibility utilizes machine learning algorithms to automatically classify data based on pre-defined policies or industry regulations.
  • Users can leverage intuitive dashboards and self-service tools to easily identify and classify sensitive data sets.

Equip Users with Secure AI Practices:

  • Role-based access controls ensure users only have access to the data and functionalities they need to perform their jobs effectively.

By implementing these features, Getvisibility empowers organizations to harness the power of GenAI while mitigating the risks associated with data security and lack of oversight.

Protect Your GenAI
with Getvisibility

Discovery and Monitoring

Use our automated tools to monitor your digital environment, ensuring all GenAI applications, including those beyond IT oversight.

Alerts and Access Controls

Receive automated alerts and granular access controls to quickly detect unauthorized AI and ensure only approved personnel access sensitive AI training data, maintaining data integrity and confidentiality

Data Protection

Empower your security and governance teams with dashboards and tools to manage sensitive data, ensuring secure, compliant AI practices.

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