About Getvisibility

Getvisibility empowers organisations with comprehensive data visibility and context across all environments. Our tailored AI solutions seamlessly integrate with your technology landscape, continuously identify and rank risks, and proactively manage your protected surface.

Getvisibility was founded on the belief that organisations should have complete visibility, understanding, and control over their data. We see a need for a solution that could help companies protect their sensitive information and stay compliant with data privacy regulations.

With our passion for innovation and commitment to security, we created Getvisibility – a tailored AI solution that delivers real-time visibility, under- standing, and protection of organisations' data.

We are a trusted partner to hundreds of enterprise organisations across the globe, helping them to confidently navigate the digital landscape and protect their most valuable asset – their data. We are a company of problem-solvers, dedicated to making a positive impact on the world by empowering organisations to make informed decisions about their data.

Our Purpose

At Getvisibility, our mission is to empower organisations to take control of their data and protect it from all potential threats. Our tailored AI technology provides real-time visibility, understanding, security and access to an organisation's sensitive data, so they can focus on what truly matters – their business.

We are dedicated to helping organisations minimise risk and maximise the value of their data while maintaining privacy and regulatory compliance. Our goal is to be the trusted partner in data protection and empower organisations to navigate the digital land- scape confidently.

Our values

The values that drive our work

At Getvisibility, our work is driven by values of empowerment, innovation, security, and a commitment to data control and privacy.

Value Visibility

We communicate honestly, bring our true selves to work, and view failures as opportunities to improve.

Innovate & Iterate

We challenge each other to think big, take calculated yet conscientious risks and continuously seek opportunities to improve.

Simplify and get it done

We strive to find and deliver simple accurate solutions with evidence-based reasoning at the core of what we do.

Get it done

We invite everyone having an end focus on success/following through/finishing what you started.

Invest in the Future

We want to continuously raise the bar of what is possible in our products, in our industry and for our customers.

Be Curious

We encourage each other to keep learning, ask questions, never assume and to have fun.

Lean into your team

We only make a difference and achieve results collectively, so always aim to collaborate respectfully and with good intent.

Empower our people

We trust each other to take ownership, act with integrity and be accountable for delivering results.

Meet the great team behind Getvisbility

Innovative thinking needs innovative leaders. Meet Ronan, Mark and Artem, internationally recognised experts in enterprise security, cyber defence programs, and data protection, leading the way in safeguarding global interests.

Ronan Murphy

Renowned security expert ronan safeguards global enterprises with cyber defense and critical infrastructure protection in 100+ countries

Mark Brosnan

A seasoned CEO at building enterprise software platforms and expertise in AI-driven solutions for data management and control.

Artem Kalaitan

Cyber security specialist in forensics, data protection, cryptography and expert leading innovations for multinational organisations.


Head Office Building 4700, Cork Airport Business Park, Co. Cork, T12 XE1E.

We enable you to Own Your Data.

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