Data Discovery & Classification

Discover Your data : Navigate, Classify, andMap, Effortlessly! Automatically find, classify, and map all ofyour data - everywhere.

Are you as an organisation facing challengesto discover your data ?

In the era of unprecedented data creation,organizations face a multitude of challenges, from diverse data formats todispersed storage locations. The rise of remote work and cloud adoption onlyintensifies the complexity. Security and compliance teams grapple with the needto understand, locate, and secure data while adhering to stringent regulationslike GDPR, SOX, and CCPA.

Without a unified understanding of their data,organizations struggle to implement effective control policies, leaving adisconnect between end-users, IT, security, and compliance teams. Designingcontext-aware security systems becomes a daunting task when the nature andlocation of sensitive information are unclear.


“The use of supplemental information to improve security decisions at the time they are made, resulting in more accurate security decisions capable of supporting dynamic business and IT environments.”

Organisations need to understand how quickly their data is changing. They must know where their legacy data is a challenge in its own right, but being able to understand what new information is being created in real-time is just as important and just as complex.

How do we help you as an organisation solvethis ?

Getvisibility brings an automated, precise, and timely solution to the forefront, addressing both legacy and new data challenges. The Getvisibility Discovery Solution provides a comprehensive overview of an organization's data, customized for easy monitoring.

Key Features:

  • Scans entire infrastructure (cloud and on-premises) with a searchable dashboard.
  • Classifies data, identifying regulated and sensitive information.
  • Enables customizable categorization and classification, building organizational data taxonomy.
  • Constantly discovers and classifies new information across all endpoints.
  • Provides insights on redundant or unnecessary data.

Benefits of Getvisibility Scan:

  • Unified overview for all stakeholders, fostering a common understanding of data risks.
  • Enhanced security with a targeted approach.
  • Robust reporting for regulators and auditors.
  • Automated classification with minimal input.
  • Cost savings on storage.
  • Improved regulatory compliance understanding and swift response to breaches.

Advanced AI-Powered Solution:

Getvisibility, driven by advanced AI, seamlessly supports on-premises and cloud-based data. It covers file shares, collaboration portals (e.g., SharePoint), cloud storage systems (e.g., G-Suite, Dropbox), and all email types.

The solution not only provides visibility into unstructured data but also enforces policies to govern access, complementing data loss prevention (DLP) programs.

Experience the future of data discovery and classification with Getvisibility—your ally in navigating the complexities of modern data management.