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Frequently Asked Questions

If you're new to Getvisibility or looking to switch your organisaton to our tailored AI data risk and protection solutions, you can learn more about our Machine Learning innovation, customisation and getting started with our products.

How does the ML model help with manual classification?

A staff member classifies a document or email with the classification agent by selecting tags for compliance and classification. We also provide a suggested set of tags based on the actual content of the document or email. Staff can choose to use suggested tags or set completely different ones. If they select different tags the GV Classification software evaluates its own knowledge of the document and decides to either learn from the new tags or to generate an audit log if we believe the staff member has made a mistake. This allows for training and identifies staff errors, but crucially enables the GV Classification software to learn from expert users.

Can customers add their own PII definitions from the dashboard/wizard (more like regex definitions to suggest a particular classification)?

Yes that will be possible for the customers to configure their regexes.

Do we have to give you sample data?

Usually no data is needed from the customer. If our Al model reports new document types it has not seen before, we request a small sub-set of sample data (a few hundred files) of these new files, which are immediately converted to an anonymous descriptive number we then use to train and update our model. This will ultimately help in improving the accuracy of our classification results. This process uses none of the actual document data.

How does GV Classification know about file permissions andaccess rights?

GV Classification scans your central registry of permissions, users, groups and access rights. It links this information to the files we find during a scan or that are accessed by staff using their laptops or desktops,

The demo is shown on endpoint office apps, is there also support for the online versions of the office suite?

An Office365 plugin is available as well.

How long does it take to install?

Getvisibility Classification provides a single server image thatcan be installed in under 1 hour. Including configuration, you canexpect to be ready to scan file shares in 4 hours. An agent installation takes 1 minute per machine. Once installed the agentconnects to the server and becomes active. Note architecture and sizing vary depending on number of users and file repositorysize.

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