The Getvisibility Data Guard Solution
DSPM+: Your Data Security Shield

Streamline compliance and cut through complex, time-consuming processes effortlessly.

Empower Your Data Security Journey with DSPM+, From Uncertainty to Compliance Mastery.

DSPM+ is an innovative software solution designed to simplify and automate the data governance and risk management process for organisations of all sizes. This platform delivers a comprehensive approach to data classification, policy creation, and implementation of security controls, leveraging cutting-edge technology to ensure data security and compliance with regulatory standards.

Key Solution Features:

  • Journey Mapping
  • Structured Data Security Strategy
  • Automated Compliance on Auto-Pilot
  • Comprehensive Data Control Management
  • End-to-End Audit Traceability
  • Seamless Integration with Your Ecosystem
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts
  • Global Compliance Readiness
  • Data-Driven Culture

Elevate security, automate compliance, ensure global readiness.

  • Discover Your Starting Point: Begin your data security journey with clarity. DSPM+ helps you identify where to start, transforming uncertainty into a clear path forward.
  • Structured Data Security Strategy: Move beyond shelf-ware policies. Our streamlined approach defines and executes a robust data security strategy tailored for your organisation.
  • Automated Compliance on Auto-Pilot: Say goodbye to manual efforts. DSPM+ sets your compliance on auto-pilot, ensuring continuous alignment with evolving regulations.
  • Comprehensive Data Control Management: Gain control over your data assets. Implement and monitor security controls effortlessly, safeguarding sensitive information across your organisation.
  • End-to-End Audit Traceability: Maintain impeccable records. Our full audit traceability feature provides transparent oversight, making compliance verification seamless.
  • Seamless Integration with Your Ecosystem: Enhance your existing workflows. DSPM+ integrates smoothly with tools like Jira and Slack, enriching your current data management systems.
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts: Stay ahead of risks. Real-time monitoring and alerting keep you informed of policy violations, enabling proactive management and immediate action.
  • Global Compliance Readiness: Meet international standards with ease. DSPM+ multinational compliance capabilities equip you to operate confidently in a global market.
  • Empowering Data-Driven Culture: Foster a proactive data governance culture. DSPM+ is not just a tool; it’s a catalyst for organisational transformation towards smarter data practices.

DSPM+ In Action

DSPM+ solution is crafted to streamline and automate the intricate landscape of data governance and risk management across organisations, regardless of their size. This platform offers a holistic approach encompassing data classification, policy formulation, and the seamless implementation of advanced security controls. By harnessing state-of-the-art technology,  DSPM+ guarantees robust data security and compliance with regulatory standards.

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