The Getvisibility Data Discovery and Classification Solution

Discover, classify and investigate access to your organisations unstructured data with cutting edge AI and Machine Leaning.

You Cannot Protect What You Do Not Understand

Getvisibility Data Discovery and Classification Solution is an advanced platform designed to effortlessly bolster your data governance approach. This Highly adaptable platform is tailored to deliver strategic business advantages. Data Discovery and Classification Solution expedites and enhances your data organisation process, ensuring precision, while also harmonising it with your regulatory obligations.

Key Solutions Features

  • Scan & classify using ML
  • Assess Data Risks
  • Remediate Data Risks
  • Define classification policy
  • Data Discovery
  • Tagging

Process and classify unstructured information with confidence


Automated unstructured data discovery across the organisations estate, including a full data inventory and access permissions.


Customised categories, subcategories and classificationlevels in line with company policies and taxonomy.


Accurate classification and detailed reports allow for precise and effective data protection and allow security solutions such as data loss prevention to yield superior results.

Data Discovery and Classification in action

Getvisibility Focus discovers data scattered across file servers and cloudinfrastructures, uses advanced machine learning models to classify data withunparalleled accuracy, to report on key areas of risk regarding: users, groups,passwords, and access permissions.

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