Breaking Language Barriers in Data Security with Getvisibility’s Multi-Language Machine Learning

Getvisibility pioneers cross-language data security, shaping protection with ML innovation.

In today’s interconnected global landscape, data security is a concern that transcends language barriers. Organisations dealing with multilingual and multicultural datasets face unique challenges when it comes to protecting their unclassified data. Recognising this, Getvisibility, a leader in Data Security Posture Management (DSPM), has evolved the capabilities to their already robust platform step forward by introducing Multi-Language Machine Learning (ML) which will .

Unifying Data Security Across Languages.

Getvisibility’s investment in growing its in-house Data Science team has kickstarted a  groundbreaking journey to address the multilingual data protection challenge. In a world where data breaches and cyber threats know no linguistic boundaries, the ability to analyse, classify, and protect data in various languages is essential. Getvisibility’s innovative solution breaks down these barriers, providing organisations with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of data security across the global stage.

Introducing Eleven New ML Languages

The heart of Getvisibility’s multi-language solution lies in its ability to understand and process data in a multitude of languages. With the introduction of eleven new ML languages including Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, and more, Getvisibility empowers organisations to elevate their Data Security Posture Management with tailored AI that speaks the language of data protection.

The Challenges of Multilingual Data Security

As organisations grapple with the exponential growth of data security concerns, issues such as double extortion ransomware, intellectual property theft, and data loss prevention (DLP) software interoperability become increasingly complex, especially in a multilingual context. This is where Getvisibility’s innovation shines. By enabling a comprehensive understanding of data usage across languages, the platform equips organisations with actionable insights to strengthen their security defences.

Advantages of Getvisibility’s Multi-Language ML

Richer Data Analysis: Multi-language machine learning enables thorough analysis of data and content in multiple languages. This broader perspective uncovers patterns that might go unnoticed with analysis limited to a single language.

Efficient Information Retrieval: Multilingual ML enhances search and retrieval processes by accurately interpreting queries in various languages. This capability ensures that users can find relevant information regardless of their language preference, promoting a holistic view of an organisation’s data security.

Language-Agnostic Insights: Certain data insights transcend language barriers. Multi-lingual ML aids in identifying and analysing data security trends that span linguistic boundaries. This strategic advantage allows organisations to make informed decisions based on insights from diverse language sources.

Cutting-Edge Tailored AI: Getvisibility’s Tailored & Narrow AI, powered by Large Language Models (LLM), aligns with specific business needs for accurate and optimised data analysis. This customised approach is available across eleven new languages, setting a new standard for DSPM solutions.

Native Getvisibility Query Language (GQL): The development of GQL streamlines the process of producing results on sets of files, further enhancing efficiency and accuracy in data analysis.

Enhancing the Five Pillars of Data Security

Getvisibility’s Multi-Language ML integration enhances the five fundamental pillars of data security: knowing where the data is stored, understanding the sensitivity of the data, identifying who has access to the data, tracking the flow of data through the ecosystem, and assessing the effectiveness of data protection. By operating seamlessly across multiple languages, Getvisibility’s solution elevates the accuracy and depth of insights, leading to better decision-making and a heightened awareness of potential security threats.

A Future Forward

In a world where data knows no linguistic boundaries, Getvisibility is at the forefront of breaking down language barriers in data security. Their commitment to developing a comprehensive, multi-language solution reflects their dedication to evolving with the data security industry. With cutting-edge ML capabilities that can read documents in any supported language, Getvisibility is shaping the future of data protection, one language at a time.

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