Getvisibility’s Google Drive (GDrive) Auto-Labelling

Revolutionising Data Security with Data Storage Cloud Connectors.

In the fast-paced world of modern data management, the challenges organisations face are constantly evolving. Among these challenges, the need to comprehend, classify, and protect data is paramount. Getvisibility, a leader in Data Security Posture Management (DSPM), is at the forefront of transforming the way organisations approach data security and we have just launched a new feature, Drive Auto-Labelling.

Understanding Getvisibility and DSPM

Getvisibility understands the intricate landscape of data security. Our DSPM solution connects, discovers, classifies, and protects unstructured data within an organisation’s repositories. With data breaches and cyber threats on the rise, it’s crucial for companies to have a robust system in place to manage and safeguard sensitive information. Getvisibility’s tailored artificial intelligence (AI), powered by cutting-edge Machine Learning (ML) classification, brings a new level of precision to data analysis and protection.

The Power of Google Drive Auto-Labelling

Auto-Labelling seamlessly integrates with Google Workspace’s real-time file storage and synchronisation service, GDrive. This is a significant integration as there are over 9 million paying organisations using Google Workspace.

The GDrive Auto-Labelling feature eliminates the need for manual file tagging. Leveraging high-precision AI mechanisms coupled with GDrive’s native file labelling, Getvisibility’s solution automatically classifies and protects every document within an organisations GDrive. This integration is especially timely considering the rise of remote work, regulatory compliance, and the constant threat of cyber attacks. By applying AI-driven classification, organisations can enhance the security of their Google Drive data at scale.

Benefits that Redefine Data Security

Efficiency: Manual classification becomes a thing of the past. Getvisibility’s AI system quickly and accurately labels files, saving valuable time and resources.

Precision: Getvisibility’s Tailored & Narrow AI, powered by Large Language Model (LLM), aligns with unique business needs, ensuring precise data analysis.

Minimised Costs: The ability to pinpoint essential data reduces data handling costs while providing insights into data at risk.

Seamless Integration: The solution seamlessly integrates with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) platforms, enhancing data protection across the board.

Traceability: Every file, regardless of size, receives a label that solidifies its traceability and protection, addressing concerns about data integrity.

Embrace the Future with Getvisibility, In a world where data security challenges are ever-evolving, organisations need to stay ahead of the curve. Getvisibility’s Google Drive Auto-Labelling feature empowers businesses to take control of their data security. By combining tailored AI solutions with Google Drive’s native file labelling, Getvisibility offers a comprehensive answer to the modern challenges of interoperability, scalability, and governance.

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